Linglung 20-70 T2.9

Professional Zoom Cine Lens for M4/3



[ Cine Lens ]

Cinematic proceeding and precise mechanism control

Forming “muscle memory” for professional operation

and moving to a upper step of art in filming

Minimal Breathing

Near zero breathing, allowing for decent expression through images

DZOFILM Linglung provides users with a high standard and a better experience of lens

         Exquisite and Delicate

         Compact and Capable

Elaborate Optical Design

Create a stronger cinematic feeling

Parfocal design, focus remain the same

even zoom in or zoom out

No matter from close-up to wide shot,

Or rapidly zoom out to long shot,

Under parfocal design, focus keep unchanged

All the way along

And offer a stage for creative play


Series Cinema Lenses


Flange distance 20-70mm 10-24mm
T stop T2.9 T2.9
Focus rotation angle 270° 270°
Zoom rotation angle 100° 100°
Iris rotation angle 72° 55°
Fine adjustment
on back flange
±0.3mm ±0.3mm
Iris blades 12 12
Close focus distance 0.79m/2ft.7in 0.61m/2ft
Filter diameter 77mm


Length 153.3mm 148.9mm
Front diameter 80mm 80mm
Weight 1100g 1100g
Mechanical & Design Features
  • Two-sided focus scale

  • 270° focusing travel with 26 focus marks

  • 100°Zoom rotation angle

  • 70°Iris rotation angle

  • Fast back flange adjusting mechanics

  • Double strengthening mount design

Both imperial and metrical are available

With 26 focus marks

100° zooming travel equipped auxiliary zooming lever

70° iris traveling angle

±0.3mm Fine adjustment on back flange

Camera Compatibility

Linglung Series T2.9 cine lens is Compatible with

Bmpcc 4k
Z cam E2
Panasonic GH5 GH5s